•delicious beginnings•

white gazpacho, coconut-almond broth, baby heirloom tomatoes, white grapes, croutons, thyme  | 10.50

rioja house salad, arugula, dates, gorgonzola, almond vinaigrette | 8.00

broccoli salad, cashews, lemon-garlic vinaigrette, sorrel, red grapes | 9.50

foie gras mousse, strawberry, nasturtium, rye, almonds, caramelized white chocolate | 16.50

fresh bacon, pork belly, cardamom, curried garbanzo bean purée | 9.50

melon salad, watermelon, honeydew, heirloom tomato, shishito jam, cantaloupe-black pepper sorbet  | 9.50

summer flatbread, crab, heirloom tomato, lemon masarpone, curry pickled shallots, micro basil  | 16.00

rioja “picnic”, artisan meats, warm pine nut crusted goat cheese, gorgonzola,olives, fennel salad, orange confit, almonds | 17.50

Bermuda Triangle goat cheese, zucchini bread, zucchini pavé, puffed farro, ginger pickled blueberries, preserved lemon, pine nut purée  |  12.00


•chef jen's hand made pastas•

pastas are available as an entrée or an appetizer course

egg yolk ravioli spinach purée, morel, asparagus, Serrano gremolata, tarragon | 19.50 / 13.00

spinach cavatelli, chicken fried quail, corn, oyster mushrooms, lemon mascarpone, beurre fondu, dill flowers  | 20.00

artichoke tortelloni, artichoke mousse, white truffle brodo, queso de mano, chervil | 19.50 / 12.00

ricotta gnocchi, oyster mushrooms, fava beans, tomato beurre fondu, basil  |  21.00 / 11.00



vegetarian four squares, a tasting of four seasonal dishes | 19.50

Georges Bank scallops, brown butter carrot confit, carrot sabayon, red lentils,mustard greens, hazelnut butter | 34.00

lamb two ways,* lamb chop, lamb sausage, fennel polenta, rhubarb mostarda, spring onion, watercress | 39.00

serrano wrapped octopus, olive oil cake, fava beans, olive purée, grilled ramps, mint  | 29.00

porchetta, peaches, butter poached turnips, mustard greens, brown butter oats, balsamic  | 29.00

Hawaiian game fish Niçoise,  heirloom tomato, blue lake beans, anchovy mille feuille, egg white vinaigrette, egg yolk mousse, sundried tomato purée, olive caramel  | 27.00

Petaluma chicken, cauliflower gratin, frisée-herb salad, tarragon-brandy jus | 29.00


•tasting menus available, please inquire with your server•

*these items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients.
consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

executive chef – tim kuklinski
sous chef team – fausto vasquez, catie swimm, chris martinez, chris henchen